One in the Same

It has been a hellacious week to say the least, but it has been one of great insight and growth. On Wednesday I had my first critique of the semester, and the last ‘legit’ group critique before installing for thesis; (the following two critiques will be regarding the installation logistics and post-install.) The critique was quite enjoyable; I was probably the most relaxed that I had ever been for a critique. Due to this, I was able to communicate my work verbally more coherently. As someone who takes medication for anxiety, I am quite pleased with that.

Overall I learned that a majority of my colleagues who participated in my critique were hungry for more insight into ‘myself’ for the installation; aka my personal relationship with the objects, possible object descriptions, my thoughts on the process of destroying my possessions. However, I feel that by injecting myself so heavily into the installation I would diminish what I am actually attempting to communicate. Rather than have the installation be about the processes in which we dictate the value of objects, it would become about me and me only. This was the main reason why I decided to remove any kind of live performance from the piece last semester. It was a nice critique though, and I am glad I was able to show about 1/3 of the installation to my colleagues.

Aside from prepping for this large-scale installation, I have also been doing a lot of planning for post-graduation. Not necessarily regarding jobs per say, but rather a future body of work that I am interested in conducting. Knowing that I will not have a good sized studio to construct my work after graduation, I have been becoming increasingly interested in art that has a short mortality. I see my future undertakings being a continuation of my current work, and will focus on the value of objects and how we dictate them.

Other than that, I don’t have my next critique for three weeks, so I get to spend some time running around gathering resources. March 30th is fast approaching, but at least I am having fun along the way.


Art Amnesty, Bob & Roberta Smith, MoMA, 2014.

(I have been reading a lot about a project conducted in 2014 by Bob & Roberta Smith called Art AmnestyArtist had the opportunity to throw away their art and swear to never make art again. I found its commentary about art institutions to be quite interesting; especially when regarding how we dictate the monetary value of art.)

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