Value Structures

“When I’m trying to decide what to keep, this outdated coupon seems as important as my grandmother’s picture”

Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things


Despite having a second critique in a two week period, I am actually not that disappointed. My work has been evolving at quite a rapid rate; and I am looking forward to discussing my plans. Within my critique this Thursday I will be going over value structures, and their role within the realm of collecting. These structures are the essence of collecting, and I will have some physical examples to explain them. I will also be going over what has failed in the last two weeks, as far as my art, and how it has grown into something that I am very proud of and eager to bring to life. While this blog post is rather short and vague, I would rather not spoil it all beforehand. I know the seminar structure is a little wacky, so if you happen to miss getting into my group for critique but want to know what I am up to, feel free to shoot me a message, email, w/e and I’ll dive into it.

Here’s a picture of my rabbit, his name is Benjamin; enjoy.


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