Never Letting Go


Hello everyone, and happy summer! Hopefully everyone has been taking some time to rest up and recharge their batteries. I thought I would take a moment to briefly talk about my plans for these crucial next two and a half months of work.

One of my biggest fears as summer approached was finding a studio space back home to work in; since there is literally no room in my parent’s house. To give you an idea as to how little space there is for me to work back home, 18 out of the 20 pieces in my portfolio that I submitted for application to CCAD, I created on my bed; no joke. Luckily, I was able to score a beautiful storage locker situated in my hometown of Bryan OH, and it will serve as my temporary studio for the summer. It is roughly 14’x40′.

Next on the agenda: finding STUFF. Back in Columbus, acquiring misc. items was fairly easy and everything was within walking distance. However, back home in the sticks I have had to readjust my approach due to fewer junk hotspots; not to mention those hotspots being mush farther distances from me. However, amidst the endless miles of cornfields I knew there was one holy grail: Goodwill. As a former employee to Goodwill in Bryan OH, I have noticed that literally pounds and pounds of junk is tossed out on a daily basis; mostly because the items are either broken or not of quality for selling. All of these damaged goods are then thrown into a massive pull away dumpster; my goldmine. I have found my STUFF!

So what are my plans for this summer? I have started a new project that I like to call Never Letting Go, an exploration into hoarding disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder, particularly the rituals associated with them. This project will include:

  • Documentation of every item that I acquire over the summer.
  • Research into the rituals and habits tied to OCD and hoarding disorder.
  • Research into emotional attachment to objects.
  • Investigation into my own personal experiences with both disorders.
  • Constructing a body of work that reflects all of the above.

I am excited for this opportunity to dive deep into topics that are close to my heart. These next two and a half months are going to fly by, but like Ric and Molly instills in us all: you just have to go out and do it. I’ll be posting on my blog every week with what I have been up to, so keep an eye out.



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