It is that time again; the blog post before critique. So I have been quite busy since my first critique of the semester and am looking forward to diving into the second one. For starters I have been experimenting with scale; something that was brought up during my prior critique. While I am not totally satisfied with my recent piece that is suspended outside my studio, the sheer size of it is resonating with me; which tells me I am on the right path.

I have also been experimenting with corrupting video. I started documenting my scavenging adventures every night and going into the coding of the video to corrupt it from the inside out. While I don’t really see where they tie in with my sculptures; and perhaps they are a separate entity in of themselves,  I feel there is a sparkle amidst the coal.

Lastly I will be discussing my large scale installation that I will be working on from now until the end of the semester. I have reserved Sarah’s old studio from March 20th until the end. I plan on constructing a claustrophobic, obsessive bombardment environment that extends from the inside of the studio out to the entrance walls/floor/ceiling. While it certainly is a hefty endeavor, I am confidant in my construction process and have already been building modules prior to having access to the studio.

That pretty much wraps it up. I am looking forward to the discussions and impressions.

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