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Since my first critique of the semester is quickly approaching, I figured I would take this time to describe some experiments that are currently underway. After working on a number of different processes last semester, I thought it would be beneficial for me to utilize this new semester by focusing on a single, relatively large, installation. Now that doesn’t mean that experimenting is banned, far from it, but I wanted to tackle this installation in a somewhat concise manner.

First off are my sculptures. Last semester, though I explored a few different applications for presentation, the overall body of work was rather static. This was further articulated during the EOS show. Taking that into account I am going to be focusing on how I can use space more to my advantage. I am also working to make my sculptures appear more lively; give them more of a personality. I tend to treat the objects that I collect as entities in of themselves, so depicting them more as living creatures would help to improve their authenticity.

Next, something completely out of my wheelhouse. For the first time I have been experimenting with digital imagery; both in the form of GIFs and static images. What I have been doing is essentially corrupting digital images; going into their interior coding and altering their exterior self. I am finding that they visually give a sense of internal struggle; which is indicative of my themes pertaining to mental illness. It is very much still an exploration of digital imagery, but I am also slowly teaching myself to corrupt audio and film. These new processes could potentially open up additional avenues for my installation work.

Overall I am excited to see where this semester takes me. It’s going to be a busy one, but I feel it will also be fulfilling.

Below are a couple corrupted images as an example.