Double the Crit, Double the Fun

What a crazy week it has been, and what a crazy last two weeks it will be. I can feel myself slowly trying to shut down for winter break, but adrenaline has been keeping me going. This Thursday will be my second critique for the semester, and then a week later will be the EOS show; so my brain has been pretty fried. However, I look back on where I started this semester and I can say with confidence that I am proud of what I have accomplished. I may not have all of the answers for my work, but I personally don’t feel that we should know everything right now.

I have been somewhat nervous about this double crit. that is upon me, but John brought up a very good point the other night while in my studio. He said “everyone is going to place their opinion on the conceptual things, but no one can question your work ethic.” Being the workaholic that I am, it made me feel good that even though I may not have the answers to everything, I still can present a body of work that shows I have been trying. As my mentor Gordon Lee has told me, “you have to hit a piece of art and keep hitting it and hitting it. You may not know why you’re making what you’re making, but you have to keep fighting through it and struggle with it. Only then will you find your voice”

It has been an exciting experience watching my work evolve piece by piece; transitioning from one medium to another. I am even more excited for what will come in the future. It has been a crazy ride already, and it has only been the first hill. Here’s to another good semester.