Prompt: Every Piece is a Stepping Stone

When it comes to this week’s prompt I thought it would be nice to dig through some of my many flash-drives and pull up some work of mine that I personally feel were not fulfilling. When I started my undergrad I was quite a stubborn student; strictly working with black ink on canvas board. I hated to use color, painting was a pain, and sculpture held no interest for me. What I did love though was drawing.

I would spend hours every day drawing; not necessarily for the content of the piece, but for the lines themselves. I was obsessed with bold lines, making each one absolutely perfect. While my drawings did garner attention, getting into a couple shows here and there, it was exhausting for me mentally. It was getting to the point where I would spend upwards of 5-8 hours working on one single line. I wasn’t enjoying making art anymore. It was becoming a chore more than anything. Due to this, my message was being lost, and the pieces were becoming hollow; almost like drawing coloring books.

Notice how at the beginning of this post I put that the pieces were unfulfilling, not unsuccessful. I try not to view work based on good or bad, because in the end even the “worst” piece ends up being a crucial stepping stone for something greater to follow. So for that, every piece becomes¬†important. While my drawings fell flat by themselves, they eventually led to new processes such as laser cut collages as well as installations. Moral of the story: the most important part about creating art is that you have to have fun.


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