Week 4 + 5 in Review

I can already tell things are getting more and more busy each week considering I didn’t even log last week like I normally do. Lately I’ve been trying to understand my work in terms of dialogue and how exactly that can be conveyed to the viewer. Upon recently I have become interested in the act of hoarding and the rituals and stigmas associated with it. I myself have the tendency to hoard things I feel have artistic use; which is quite evident by all the items building up on the outside of my studio. However, creating a dialogue using essentially junk has proven to be a challenge.

I had my first critique yesterday and I feel it went well. The feedback was abundant; and I was able to understand how viewers were interpreting my work more thoroughly. It seemed that the biggest issue that needs refining is the dialogue of the work. Without any obvious language existing the pieces become just piles of garbage. Overall, I’m glad I had a number of experiments on display and presented them in a uncomfortably intimate setting; forcing the viewer to be up close and personal with the work.

I sat down with my mentor earlier today to discuss possible routes I could take the dialogue of my work and right away I started to think about labeling and documentation. What if I documented every single scrap of junk that I acquire into a spread sheet identifying the precise date, time, material, size, and intrinsic value. Not only that, but go further as to labeling each piece of junk with an identification. After which I would proceed to construct my piece. Not only would this emphasize the “preciousness” of each item in relation to the rituals of hoarding, but possibly create a situation where I could discuss further social issues using the hierarchy I assigned to each piece of junk. I feel like I’m peeling away the layers of an onion and getting down to the grittiness of my work; and that’s quite exciting.

One thought on “Week 4 + 5 in Review

  1. Matthew-

    Fascinating post and wish I could have been present to hear the comments. I am up this week, so am trying to prep my actual work and to formulate my thoughts. I have a feeling Thursday is going come way too quickly!!!




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