Prompt: Manifesto

Below is a Manifesto pertaining to my work process and current pieces.

-Experiment, Experiment, Experiment; it helps to flush out ideas.
-Don’t get caught up in how you think the final product should turn out.
-Sometimes you have to break shit.
-Fight and struggle with your work; it means you’re on the right path.
-Always be personal with your work; it’ll show.
-If something doesn’t feel right, change it.
-If it still doesn’t feel right, destroy it. It might look better in pieces.
-Everything holds the potential to become art.
-Live in your studio; it helps facilitate your work.
-If raccoons show up in your studio, feed them expired Pringles.
-Lastly, have fun making your art. That’s the most important part.

I did stumble upon this manifesto by the Bread and Puppet Theater from 1984 that resonated with me. Click

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