Where to start? How to start?

When I first began working in my studio space I felt rather intimidated to say the least. Considering I used to produce work on top of my bed, having this much open area is a whole new experience for me. With the change of scenery  came artistic struggles as well. I felt as though I was resorting back to what felt comfortable for me; producing work very similar to what I had made during my undergrad. However, I no longer felt a personal connection with that work anymore. The past is the past.

After having excellent discussions with possible mentors, I put the reminiscent pieces off to the side and emptied my space of clutter. I began to look toward myself more than I ever had previously. What am I attempting to convey?

  • Sensations associated with mental illness
  • Depression, anxiety, OCD (the vicious love triangle)
  • What does it feel like to have these common illnesses?
  • How do I cope with them myself?
  • How do I put them into visual form?

I started working outside of my comfort zone today and I am already seeing promise. I want to keep experimenting and push myself away from what I’m complacent with.

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